The golden frog fable


Alena Belokopytova, IES Francisco Grande Covián

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a humble little shack and a large field where he worked for hours and hours, from sunrise to sundown, with little rest.

Every year, he got a lot of crop, but he wanted more. He wanted to be the richest man in the valley. He had been married once and he had had two daughters, but because of his greed and ambition to have more, they abandoned him.

One day, he went to a nearby lake for water. He was filling two buckets when he heard a strange voice that was whispering his name. Frightened, he looked around to see where it came from. But the sound stopped suddenly and the farmer returned to work. Few time later, he noticed a slight light coming from the plants on the lakeside. He approached and saw that a little golden frog was tangled up on the plants' roots. Without thinking it over, he saved the frog and put it in the water.

Then, the golden animal said to him:"Thanks for saving my life, in return I will reward you with two wishes".

The man was very surprised, but he didn't hesitate to ask for the first wish: "Oh, little frog! You know, I'm so tired of working every day and I haven't got enough money, I want to be rich!". "Well, ok" --said the frog-- "Listen to me, farmer! When you go to pick up your corn crop, it will be made of gold and you will be the richest man in the valley".

Having said that, the frog hopped away from the man.

After the meeting with the frog, the farmer's crop was made of gold and he could have everything he wanted. But the only problem, was to grow and harvest the corn. He couldn't do that alone. So, he went to the lake, looking for the frog.

He had been wandering for hours until he found the animal, then, he told him: "I'm ready to make my second wish". "How soon!" --said the frog surprised-- "Tell me, what is your wish?". "I want to have workers in my field" --he said, convinced. "All right!".

The next morning, he had many people working in his field, harvesting and planting again. After a few weeks, the farmer had a lot of money and he decided to stop living in such a small and ruined house. Therefore, he bought a new big house and he started to buy good wine, expensive cheese and a lot of other things, like young strong horses, carts of the best quality... that a simple could never get.

He had been living a very nice life, with a lot of luxuries, and he hadn't had nothing to envy; until a strong storm flooded his field and spoiled his crop. At that moment, he had to sell his animals, house and all he had obtained.

He was broke. He didn't know what to do, so he went looking for the frog. He had been walking for days, weeks and even months, round the lake and nothing, the frog wasn't there.

One night, he was crying inconsolably in front of the chimney, when a well-known brightness appeared behind him. He turned around and saw the golden frog sitting on a chair. "Frog, I beg you, help me. I had a big fortune but I have lost everything. Please, help me!".

The frog looked at him very angry and dissapointed and said: "You have not understood anything. You had everything, but it was not gold". After a long silence, the frog said: "I'm going to grant you one last wish". "I've lost my wife, daughters and crop, please, give them back to me" --asked the farmer, realizing his mistake.




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